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Elizabeth Matthews RHN NNCP PTS


Todd Matthews RHN NNCP CSCS

Fitness Studio/Online (Zoom) - 1 Hour Personal Training / Nutrition Coaching

3 Prepaid Sessions                              $270   with  HST $305.10 

10 Prepaid Sessions                            $850   with HST $960.50

20 Prepaid Sessions                            $1540  with HST $1740.20

Fitness Studio/Online (Zoom) - 45 Minute Personal Training / Nutrition Coaching

5 Prepaid Sessions                               $350 with HST $395.50

10 Prepaid Sessions                             $650 with HST $734.50

Fitness Studio/Online (Zoom) - 30 minute Personal Training / Nutrition Coaching

10 Prepaid Sessions                             $500 with HST $565

NEW!! Get Lean and Healthy Weight Loss Package 


  • 2 - 1 hour sessions

  • 4 - 15 minute check in sessions (1 per week)

  • Customized for you 3 Day Meal Plan

  • Get Lean and Healthy Weight Loss Program Details

  • Customized Nutrition Plan specific to your goals and needs

  • Email and text support during business hours

Total Package Cost: $300 with HST $339​

Covid-19 protocols for your protection:
1. We allocate 15-minutes between clients to thoroughly disinfect our private gym.
2. A minimum 2-meter distance between client and trainer will be maintained.
3. Your trainer will wear a mask for the entire duration of your session.
4. Hand sanitizer is provided for your use during the session.
5. We request clients wash their hands at the beginning and end of each session.
6. Clients are required to wear personal face coverings for arrival and departure from the studio and when physical distancing is a challenge. (During your exercise face coverings may be removed as per York Region’s policies for indoor public spaces.)

Late Policy

Sessions that begin late will still end at the originally scheduled time.


Cancellation Policy

To cancel an appointment, clients are asked to contact the studio directly at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment. Failure to do so will result in a lost session. (Due to COVID-19, any cancellations with short notice because of illness, with NOT result in a lost session. If you're not feeling 100% healthy please do not come to the studio.)


Expiration Policy

All Personal Training sessions or packages expire 12 months from purchase date.



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Todd: 416-505-5318

Elizabeth: 416-471-2767