When you buy Get Lean and Healthy you're also going to learn:


1. The 10 Super-Foods you should eat to make you feel healthy and energized.                  


2. Surprising information about the 3 Very Best Forms of Exercise for you to get and stay lean.     


3. The 5 Best Weight Loss Supplements.


4. Specific foods to cut out of your diet.


5. Tips to avoid gas and bloating and promote healthy digestion.


6. The truth behind artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives. 


7. The foods that are making you fat by triggering your fat storage hormones.


8. Learn about micronutrients essential for optimal health such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  


9. Life changing information about the very best sources of protein, fat and carbohydrate. 

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Early in my career as a trainer, I was working with clients who worked hard in the gym, but when they stepped on the scale, you could see the disappointment on their faces.  While their bodies were getting healthier on the inside from their increased physical activity, they were failing to lose the pounds.  That's when I went back to school and learned more about the power of proper nutrition.


The Get Lean and Healthy System can change your life forever.


If you want to lose weight, your story can now have a happy ending.  By using the Get Lean and Healthy System you can lose all the weight you want.  Easily, safely and quickly.


Once I learned more about the power of nutrition, I discovered that for many people, especially those over the age of 30, by simply following a proper nutrition system of regular foods (stuff you like to eat) you can make an immediate impact on your weight loss.  I also realized these same people are busy, so the system had to be easy to follow, and deliver results.



Once you start, you will begin seeing results.  You can lose up to 10 pounds the first week.  This means that even while you are sleeping you'll burn off the pounds.  You won't just lose weight; you will be on the road to a healthier body too.



As a professional trainer, I've talked to many people who say diets don't work.  One of the reasons diets fail is because they leave you feeling hungry.  Diets that leave you hungry will never work.  On the Get Lean and Healthy System you will never be hungry as you'll be eating at least five times daily.



This diet turns fat into fuel, no crashing here.  As your body transforms into a healthier you, your energy level will increase.  Then you can enjoy everyday activities like playing with your kids, to playing 18 holes without a cart.



The system is very simple.  It's easy to follow no matter how hectic your life is.  There are only five simple rules. Eat five times a day following the meal template provided. There are no complicated point systems or food block systems. You don't have to count calories or look up food on the Glycemic index.


The Get Lean and Healthy System works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Simply follow the instructions and the step by step plan.  This is a system, not a diet.  You'll never be hungry (the only time you'll notice a difference is when you step on the scale in the morning.)



Don't ever take a chance with your health.  It's not worth it.  Besides, it's not necessary.  The Get Lean and Healthy System will transform your body using products you can buy in your local grocery store.  No Pills.  No Chemicals.  No Stimulants. Real Food.  Delicious Food.  Eat fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood, as well as healthy fats from sources like almonds and extra virgin olive oil.  Your step by step food plan educates you on what you should eat, and when to eat to get the best results.



Exercise is not a requirement for success on the Get Lean and Healthy System; however your results will improve if you keep active. Since you'll have more energy to burn, I've also included surprising information about the 3 Very Best Forms of Exercise to get and stay lean.  Once you start losing your unwanted weight you'll find you have an inner desire to challenge your new body!  This could mean a simple brisk walk, hitting the gym or taking up wake-boarding! 



The moment you start the Get Lean and Healthy System, your body starts burning fat.  This system will change your life and shape without ever being deprived of food or having to take a pill.  You're going to feel the difference on the inside with new energy, and notice the difference on the outside when you look in the mirror.



I have written a complete, step by step guide for you to follow the Get Lean and Healthy System.  It's easy to read.  It's easy to follow.  You can start reading it today, and start losing weight tomorrow.  As a personal trainer, I charge as much as $500 to personally coach my clients through this process; you get my step by step system (without the one on one coaching) for as little as $9.99.  Download your copy now and Get Lean and Healthy!



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