Elizabeth's Fit Community - LIVE Online Fitness Classes

No gym? No problem!

Come try my LIVE online fitness classes.


When you join my classes you get access to my PRIVATE Facebook group including FOUR classes per week - full body strength circuit training using very little equipment and Cardio HIIT. Every fitness level is welcome as I provide exercise options to fit your ability. Form is of upmost importance to me so I cue you along the way to help make sure you perform exercises correctly.

PLUS ...

  • Interactive Nutrition/Weight Loss seminar every month

  • Fun Challenges

  • Meal Plan and Recipes

  • Community Interaction

  • Ongoing Coaching Support 

  • Tons of Fun!


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Here's What People Are Saying ...

“There are so many things I love about Elizabeth’s workouts. I love the variety – every workout is different. The intensity is just right for me – at the end I feel my body has worked. I appreciate that Elizabeth offers advice on form through each exercise to keep us safe. I love that she fills in the quiet moments with humorous, brief stories that make me smile and she motivates us to keep pushing when it gets hard. If I miss a workout, I can watch the recorded session at a time that is best for me. I like to read comments from the other participants as we push through together. She offers nutrition advice in a separate session that truly makes this a well-rounded program. Great value for the money!”

-Anna Thomas

“Loving the workouts and getting stronger. I remember week one when I could barely do a squat and I couldn’t do a sit-up. Nice to see progress and to know I’m stronger. My biggest thank you is how I feel. Mentally I’m proud and happy. I know it’s your workouts keeping me sane and in good spirits!”

-Veronica Love

“Elizabeth’s Fit Community and her workouts are the best part of my week! I try my very best to do all 4 workouts in the week and I will definitely get it done when I can do it live with you and the other ladies online. It feels more like being with community and I work harder in my workouts when I’m with friends. I’m so grateful for the variety of exercises and the HIIT class that has given me strength, endurance and nice muscles. Thank you so much Elizabeth! You’re amazing!”

-Heather DiSanto

“I’m additcted!! I haven’t felt this good in years. Elizabeth keeps each full body workout fun and challenging. I am definitely feeling physically stronger and mentally happier. Elizabeth’s personal touch and interaction with the group keeps you motivated. I would highly recommend joining EFC and this awesome group of ladies!! Thanks for keeping me moving and motivated!!”

-Kristie Haist

“I look forward to my workouts with Elizabeth. Not only am I stronger but it has immensely helped elevate my mood. I’ve been able to do the 4 classes per week without missing one and love having the option of doing it on replay. Thanks for keeping us all motivated and for adding the challenges :)”

-Sharon Hale

“I have been doing workouts 4/week, each workout different and challenging whether it be strength or endurance. I love the monthly challenges which I have been able to keep up and meet my 12,000 steps. I feel stronger! I am stronger all thanks to these workouts!!”

-Dana Burton

“Love the workouts! I’ve been doing them 4/week. I usually do the recorded version and appreciate that I have the option to do so. I definitely have noticed an increase in strength and stamina. Love this group!”

-Beth Christie